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Everyone loves peonies. They’re huge, frilly petticoats of color. They fill out bridal bouquets like nothing else, they’re a dream to design with, and anyone receiving them as a gift is sure to feel pampered. Here on the Peony Map, you’ll find peony farmers from all over the United States and Canada who are waiting to send their gorgeous blooms to you.

Peony season on any one farm is short, just a few glorious weeks each year. It begins in the southern US, in April, and moves north across the country, into Canada and Alaska, where it ends in August. Knowing which farms will be cutting when will help you get peonies when you need them, all season long. 

Each pin on the map represents an individual farm, a hardworking grower (or crew), plenty of dirt, sweat, sunburn, and, often, someone’s lifelong dream. Click on the pins to get to know the growers and see the beautiful results of their work. Each farm’s policies for shipping or delivering peonies will be slightly different, so make sure that you familiarize yourself with them before you buy. When you receive your peonies, this guide will show you how to care for them.  

The menus on the right and the date picker on the main page will help you find blooms that are available when you need them. You can often reserve your peonies in advance to make sure of selection and availability, but please understand that some variability is inevitable due to temperature and weather. Communicate with your grower(s).

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Finally, nothing makes a farmer happier than to hear and see the joy their flowers can bring, so don’t forget to send photos from your wedding, post a review on how the gifting went, and let others know how much you loved your peonies. 

Welcome, and thanks for finding your peonies on The Peony Map!

Erin Howe
Grower of South Carolina peonies and director of The Peony Map